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Search Engines rank your website from an increasing number a factors. Our belief is that great SEO is the result of long-term initiatives that provide value for the people visiting your site.
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Link Earning

Link Building is the most important yet also the most challenging part of any effective SEO campaign. To lift your organic ranking, you need a link earning strategy unique to your industry.
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PPC advertising allows you to pay for top positions on search engines. Proper PPC management improves your click-through rate and sales. If the ROI isn't there, we can help refine your strategy.
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Content Marketing

It's not only important to produce regular content on your website, you have to stand out. Competing for attention and providing quality content requires a creative approach.

Search Engine Marketing that Grows Revenue

Our methodology is revenue driven. We focus on organic traffic and organic conversions. Growing revenue with effective search engine optimization (SEO) requires strategic use of content, links, and distribution. We do this by first analyzing your market and your competitors’ marketing campaigns, and then developing and executing a superior campaign for your business. Click to learn more about our services.
google analytics chart showing increase in organic search traffic of 784%, and revenue increase of 27%*Results for an Actual Client


quotation markWe were new to the world of SEO and internet marketing when we first contacted Lifted Search. They worked with us to develop our SEO strategy and PPC campaigns that continue to generate over $760K in new sales each year. I only wish we had started sooner. I’m happy to recommend them whenever I can.

quotation markBrett and the Lifted Search team helped move our business to the top of local search in Fredericksburg, TX. What we didn’t expect was the national traffic and sales that resulted. They increased our organic traffic by over 263% in the first few months!

quotation markAt first I was hesitant to spend so much on marketing, but we gave it a try and quickly noticed a positive return each month. Lifted Search has now been handling our SEO and PPC for the past three years, and we are still noticing a steady increase in online sales.

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